What is the size of Asahi Tower apartment?

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Asahi Tower apartment in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Convenient location, easy to move to downtown area. Besides, around the building are parks, supermarkets, shopping centers, giving staff to work here to feel about modern and dynamic life.

What is the size of Asahi Tower apartment?

Apartment size Asahi Tower

Project name: Asahi tower

• Scale: 4,372,22m2 # 0.432722ha.
• Estimated total number of apartments: 102 units.
• Building height: 16 floors (For office building blocks); 18 floors (for apartment blocks).
• Estimated population size: 476 people.
• Land for construction of apartment buildings: 740m2, accounting for 17.15%.
• Office construction land: 1,172m2, accounting for 27.10%.
• Concentrated greenery land: 600 m2, accounting for 13.80%.
• Land for transportation and yards: 1,812.22m2, accounting for 41.88%.
• Land use coefficient: 7.45.
• Total project investment: 148,416,100,000 VND.
• Implementation progress: 2019-2021

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